About me

I have been an artist all of my life, so it was natural for me to study art at The University of Akron. As a senior, I completed a work study in New York City at Franklin Furnace art gallery.

After returning to Ohio, I worked for a number of advertising agencies as a freelancer and eventually landed a job as an illustrator for a local newspaper. While working for HKM Direct Market Communications, a marketing company. I taught myself web design there where I built a web to digital print application. This experience with my love for art and design opened a door for me to return to The University of Akron as a web designer.

I am married with two kids. I love my family and enjoy doing things with them and teaching them about the world of computers. My wife is the Executive Director at Leadership Medina County. Together we grow in knowledge and share our love for business, technolgy and working to better our world.

I live in Lodi, Ohio, where I also serve on Village Council. I am a trustee for the Medina County District Library. I love to read. I am active in my church and continue to draw and paint as an artist.

The details

Pencil Sketches

Water Dragon Nutmeg Moon Oak leaf Starbucks Waterfall Accoustic Dead pandora iPod

Looking for my Lodi Gazebo watercolor print?